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As some of you have probly heard, I was busted by the ACMA Jul 1st, 2011 (Australian Communications & Media Authority).

I got done with Section 46 - Unlicensed operation of radio communications devices

Section 47 - Unlawful possession of radio communications devices.

I had to despose of the devices within 7 days & advise them I complied. " In this instance, the ACMA has used discretion and has chosen not to issue you Penalty Infringement Notices or escalate to prosecution, however, any future non-compliance will be viewed more seriously." I'm going to frame the 2 ACMA Warning Notices & put them up on the wall. So in a nutshell, I got a severe official warning.

I had to post the RCI 2970 & Palomar Amp to Head Office in Melbourne.

So I'm back on air again with only the Cobra 146GTL 40 channel SSB in the mobile & the Uniden Grant with Kenpro Speech Processor for the base. I DO NOT operate above or below the legit 40 channel CB Band.

G'Day folks, I'm the 43WR144, operators name is Pete. My CB handle/nickname is Pee Wee. I transmit from a small country town called Gloucester, in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. I am the 'The World Radio Club' Administrater for the Oceania Region in Australia.

I started this wonderful hobby back in 1976, with a little xtal am 23 channel CB. I got into SSB late 1977. Thats when I got bitten by the DX Bug & I've loved DXing ever since. I love to go portable DXing up in the mountains west of town or just a short drive up to one of the many lookouts around the area to work the DX.

I also love building antennas & have built many over the years. Living in a small country town in the middle of the bush, I had no big shops to buy any antennas. A friend gave me the ARRL Antenna Handbook (1978). He told me to put 27.355 into the antenna equations to get the right lengths & dimensions for 11m antennas. The rest is history, I've been building antennas ever since. By the way, when I got onto the internet, it opened up a whole new world of radio for me. Especially the antenna programs, no more pen & paper & calculators, made life so much easier.